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About Russel Nouveau

About Russel Nouveau

Russel Nouveau has led design and digital businesses in Brisbane for 35 years. His experience spans 50 plus industries and 400 clients from education to biotech, manufacturing to financial services.  

Russel holds a Master of Business from QUT, and design degrees from Queensland University. Russel is a qualified NLP Consultant, DISC profile consultant and has managed several businesses successfully in Australia.

Unleashing Innovation, Branding & Team Culture: C5 Leadership’s Triple Crown for a Learning & Growth-Oriented Future

Why These Elements Matter

In today’s dynamic landscape, rife with change and uncertainty, the tripod of Innovation, Branding, and Team Culture holds the key to organizational resilience and prosperity. Why? Because the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) world demands it. According to a 2022 Accenture report, companies prioritizing these three pillars experience 37% faster revenue growth compared to the industry median.


Innovation is no longer a luxury; it’s a survival imperative. According to a PwC study, 93% of business executives believe that organic growth through innovation will drive the lion’s share of their revenue.


Branding is the story that sets you apart. A 2021 Forbes study concluded that strong, consistent branding can increase revenue by up to 23%.

Team Culture

The 2022 Workforce Happiness Index shows that an empowering team culture can slash turnover by as much as 48%, saving substantial capital and intellectual loss for companies.

How C5 Leadership Amplifies These Elements

Future-Forward Innovation

C5 Leadership helps you build an innovation-centric organization by employing methodologies such as Design Thinking and Agile practices. A Harvard Business Review article recently highlighted that companies integrating Design Thinking into their operations were 69% more likely to achieve above-average revenue growth.

Magnetic Branding

We guide you in crafting a compelling narrative through brand storytelling, audience research, and data-driven decision-making. A McKinsey & Co report asserts that data-driven branding strategies can improve marketing ROI by 15-20%.

Invincible Team Culture

With a focus on Emotional Intelligence, Collaborative Environments, and Growth Mindset, we fortify your team culture. A Gallup report disclosed that teams focusing on their strengths can boost productivity by up to 19% and profitability by 29%.

Navigating Uncertainty

In an increasingly uncertain world, these elements, when maximized, form your best line of defense and growth. According to a recent Deloitte study, companies that invest in these three areas are 2.3x more likely to outperform their competitors in terms of customer loyalty, employee engagement, and revenue growth.

Stakeholder Advantage with C5

Harness the synergistic potential of innovation, branding, and team culture to create a stakeholder advantage. C5 Leadership provides the strategic roadmap and actionable insights to enable sustainable success in a volatile business environment. A 2022 Ernst & Young report revealed that organizations emphasizing stakeholder advantages are 50% more likely to sustain growth over the long term.

So why just survive when you can thrive? Partner with C5 Leadership and prepare your organization for a future where learning and personal growth aren’t just buzzwords but the currency of success.

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About Russel Nouveau

Russel Nouveau—a luminary in design and digital enterprises for a staggering 35 years.

With an enviable experience spanning over 50 industries and servicing 400 diverse clients—from the corridors of academia to the innovative labs of biotech, and from the nuts and bolts of manufacturing to the complexities of financial services—Russel’s expertise is as broad as it is deep.

Selection of Clients & Projects

Russel works with progressive organisations to implement change and innovation programs, delivering massive value to stakeholders and publics.
• UniCredit – Facilitated strategic planning with the board and management, overhauled brand, systems, retail designs and communications with members.
• Trade Exchange Systems- Financial Systems for several trade exchange providers in Australia.
• Tradelink – Designed & delivered national showroom

Forbio and nuPlant. Delivered brand and communication standards for biotech companies.
• UNE – Branding and identity consulting.
• Workers Compensation – Forms programme, document flow and consulting
• NuSteel Homes – Design standards, franchise management, communication and marketing.
• NXsports – Event management automation, operations software, booking and human force systems.

Professionally Qualified

Russel holds a Masters in Business from QUT, a bachelor of design studies from UQ, and he is a Practitioner of Neuro

Key Focus Areas

  • Design of innovative additions to how brands and organisations speak to their members and customers.
  • Development of software interfaces for better User Experience and engagement with your products and services.
  • Facilitate strategic planning sessions
  • Provide executive coaching for CEOs & senior leaders
  • Design and deliver training programs for high-performing teams
  • Facilitate change and innovation with CreAction and Inov8 programmes. 


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