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About C5 Leadership

C5 Leadership is a boutique management consultancy offering tailored solutions for organisations to prompt positive cultural change, build effective teams and maximise business performance.

• C5 designs and presents leadership and executive coaching programs tailored to meet your specific business challenges and opportunities.

• C5 works with you to build collaborative and connected business communities to create internal cultures of success, inclusion and engagement.

• C5 facilitates effective change management, conflict resolution and high-performance team development programs.

Are you impacted by poor staff retention and engagement? What are the consequences of not addressing these issues?

Dolores Cummins works with medium to large SME’s to facilitate improvements in strategic leadership, change management, staff engagement and alignment to purpose. Pop us a note for a confidential chat.

Leadership in VUCA times

Leadership for 2023 and Beyond

Leadership requirements have changed over the last two years. The pandemic has created higher levels of complexity and uncertainty which in turn has introduced disruptive and transformative patterns into our daily life and business. For example, 46% of the workforce is predicted to be working in a hybrid model in the near future. Based on recent surveys, the following three trends have emerged.

Leaders will be expected to be flexible, agile and empathic. According to the 2021 Gartner survey, “The most effective managers of the future will be those who build fundamentally different relationships with their employees.”

Socialemotional intelligence is required in building empathic relationships where high levels of trust, care, mutual respect and acceptance are required to build a culture of psychological safety and wellbeing.

What are the major complexities and pressures of your role?

What do you or can you do on a daily/weekly basis to help strengthen your resilience and build psychological safety and wellbeing into your workplace?

The good news is that business insights favour a particular state of mind that business psychologists call employee engagement. They also agree that being engaged in one’s work is not a permanent characteristic of any individual. Rather, it is the way our mind responds when certain conditions are present.

Engagement starts with an individual. From there, it can go out like a light or spread like wildfire. Companies that have learned to sustain, connect, and communicate engagement in their ranks have created something larger than the sum of its parts – an engaged workplace.

The whys of an engaged workplace are well-known:

  • higher productivity
  • better customer service
  • lower turnover

Our Vision

To create workplace cultures of belonging, where people and business thrive, where people are valued, leadership is authentic and change is managed proactively

Our Values

- Courageous Leadership - Authentic Communication - Integrity & Trust - Mutual Respect & Accountability - Creative Problem Solving

About Dolores Cummins

A Career In Managing Change Dolores Cummins is a skilled change management consultant, executive coach and corporate trainer.

Dolores Cummins is a skilled management consultant, group facilitator, executive coach, & change expert. As director of C3 Leadership, she works in partnership with organisations (resources, financial, education, engineering) and government to tailor solutions that achieve success. Her work merges business acumen, academic perspectives and industry experience.

Selection of Clients & Projects

Dolores works with teams to navigate change and create
cultures where people thrive and authentic leadership matters.
• QBank – Facilitated strategic planning with the board and
implemented business development plans with the senior
management team. Coached the executive team in change.
• Boeing Defence, Griffith Enterprise, ADIG & Cognitive
Institute – executive coaching & strategy development.
• Westpac & BT – Advised on the execution of a major change
management initiative after the Banking Royal Commission
• Stadiums QLD – Facilitated the executive team with their
strategic review and organisational development.
• SMEC Group – Designed & delivered a national leadership
program, plus a talent management strategy aligned with
cultural change after an international merger and restructure
• BP & Deloitte Consulting – Facilitated leadership & high
performing team development.
• Ergon Energy – Coached teams and mentored senior
executives through organisation and cultural change.
• QUT, Brisbane & Open University, London – Lectured on
MBA programs in organisational development & leadership
• AIG Europe – Facilitated conflict management & cultural
change whilst mentoring senior executives.
• SAP, Austria – Implemented team-building programs for
academics & their staff.
• European Parliament, Belgium – Facilitated multi-lingual
and multi-disciplinary teams in government negotiations.

About Dolores Cummins Change Management Consultant

Professionally Qualified

Dolores holds a BA from Sydney University and a Masters in
Applied Social Science. She is a Master Practitioner of Neuro
Linguistics and an internationally accredited facilitator,
conflict resolution practitioner, educator, and executive coach.


  • Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (AFAIM)
  • Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Facilitators (FAIPF)
  • Senior Consultant with Consultgroup, Sydney

Key Focus Areas

  • Design, develop & present leadership development programs across, mining, engineering and financial services
  • Provide strategic advice on navigating cultural change and transitions
  • Facilitate strategic planning sessions
  • Provide executive coaching for CEOs & senior leaders
  • Design and deliver training programs for high performing teams
  • Facilitate conflict resolution sessions
  • Lecture on the MBA program with the business school of QUT in the area of Organisational Development and Leadership.


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