How are staff encouraged to connect personally with clients?

How can we better develop connection with work colleagues?

How can organisations promote connection?

Encouraging connection within an organisation is crucial for fostering collaboration, enhancing communication, and building a positive work culture. Here are several strategies to promote connection within an organisation:

  1. Create a workplace culture that values diversity and inclusion. Encourage open dialogue and respect for different perspectives and create opportunities for employees to share ideas and experiences.
  2. Emphasize the importance of collaboration and teamwork across departments and teams. Foster a sense of shared purpose and create opportunities for employees to work together on projects, cross-functional teams, or problem-solving initiatives.
  3. Encourage regular communication and provide platforms for sharing updates, ideas, and feedback, such as team meetings, company-wide emails, intranet portals, or digital collaboration tools.
  4. Promote a balance between face-to-face interactions and digital communication. Encourage in-person meetings, team-building activities, social events, or lunch breaks where employees can connect and build relationships.
  5. Provide opportunities for networking through social events, workshops, or conferences where employees can connect with colleagues across the business. Encourage participation in professional associations or industry events to expand networks outside the company.
  6. Support cross-functional projects encouraging knowledge sharing across silos, teams and disciplines.
  7. Implement mentoring or buddy programs where experienced employees can guide and support newer or junior staff members. 
  8. Create social spaces within the workplace where employees can relax and socialise during breaks. Common areas, break rooms and open spaces encourage informal interactions and relationship building.
  9. Organize team-building activities such as group outings, retreats, or team-building exercises.